An obligation to you.

As pioneers in California’s medical marijuana movement, we recognize our enormous responsibility to our patient-members and our community, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We are meticulous about everything from the quality, safety and efficacy of our products, to the compassion and professionalism of our staff.

Lawful and legitimate.

We are one of the few dispensaries licensed by Orange County. This means we’re regulated by and compliant with the Orange County Medical Marijuana Ordinance, California Health and Safety Codes governing medical marijuana, California Proposition 215 (California’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996), and the California Medical Marijuana Program (Senate Bill 420, approved to clarify Prop. 215 in 2003).

Your patient experience matters.

We are here to ensure that you have safe access to your medicine. Our dispensary is a clean, welcoming and secure space, where you’ll be treated with respect and compassion. We have friendly, knowledgeable staff and 24-hour security, including video surveillance.

We know what we’re selling, and you know what you’re getting. Our product quality is our highest priority. After all, we are also patient-members! We test our products for potency and safety, and our suppliers are trusted grower-members.

Wounded Warrior Project

OutCo Labs is on a mission to set an unparalleled standard for quality in the medical marijuana industry.

This means that all OutCo Labs patients can be certain their medicine has been carefully handled and thoroughly tested from the start of its life as a seed to its final form in our products.

In the very near future, OutCo Labs will control every phase of the medical cannabis production process, from seed to sale. The team recently acquired a second location that will operate another dispensary and an additional cultivation, extraction and processing center. Additional acquisitions and projects are in process.

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