OutCo Vendor Guidelines

OutCo OC currently accepts medicine grown by qualified patients who are cultivating in accordance with California law and have signed our member source agreement.

Please be aware that our quality standards are extremely stringent, and we test all products we carry for both potency and safety.

We will only accept product from trusted member sources who have been inspected and can supply products that are free of contaminants or chemicals, including mold, residual fertilizers, pesticides, growth inhibitors or regulators, etc.

Any products that fail to meet our purity standards will be returned less the amount used for testing.

We are available to meet with vendors during normal business hours. Please call (619) 448-4420 to schedule an appointment.

Download the member source agreement here.

If you are interested in employment, please visit our employment page.

The most difficult thing generally when donating medicine is it can feel like a shake down or negotiation. I’ve never felt anything less than gratitude and appreciation for my hard work and production
– S. Gonzalez